An Annotated     Catalogue of the

Bee Species of the

Indian Region







      Genus Bathanthidium Mavromoustakis


[Family Megachilidae, Subfamily Megachilinae, Tribe Anthidiini]



  • Dianthidium (Bathanthidium) Mavromoustakis, 1953: AMNH (12)6: p.837;  Type species Dianthidium bifoveolatum Alfken, 1937, by original designation.


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*binghami [(Friese, 1901 (Anthidium) = Anthidium fraternum Bingham, 1897) Pasteels, 1969: p.43 (Manthidium) ] Tenasserim, Assam, Burma, Malyasia










      *  Classified under subgenus Manthidium Pasteels, 1969 in           Michener, 2000: p. 494.


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Political territories have been mentioned as such (as   mentioned  by original authors): Burma [Present day Myanmar], Ceylon [Present day Sri Lanka], Bengal [Present day East Bengal  in India and the present day Bangla Desh], Punjab  [western part of the state is the present day Punjab in Pakistan].       



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